They Will Sew the Blue Sail

Warm Regards | John Ashbery

i remember today like it was yesterday.

– Garrett Caples

You want to think about it:

Everybody's frantic but Bob.

A tunnel from under

gave him a folded-up photo of Dad.

I'll get you there

and provide you with the little you know

to measure somebody.

I'm not hanging out with you,

generous to a fault.

Buy 'em large, when we talk

about foot sizes.

Somebody said it was about ten.

He didn't say it didn't,

and it would be there

for maybe half an hour.

Do you want it?

There's some type of instructions in

November last year.

In Nerva Scotia people lost one every night,

been out there shaking.

Don't think that you want to get out.

The young man are building a boat.

Definitely a freedom container.

That's what he does.

Ordered some wine.

It was right around here,

replaced by a little kid

come to see what you're gettin' at.

We'll requisition 'em.

There were concerns.

This is unusual, morphs into

these other things, this modern age.

A lot of finishing up to do.

This little man,

the lily blot, Ship Tony,

toss those along

and going and unplugging it,

hanging about, fishes on the surface, failed.