They Will Sew the Blue Sail

Asked About The Banjo Man and Its Many Sequels Banjo Yes Replies | Shane McCrae

My aunt my momma’s sister

She had a real good

Piano had it right

in her front room there

She lived just up the street I used to

when I was a boy      / I used to      hide in her

bushes when she was giving lessons

just to hear her play

I don’t know why I hid

She loved Chopin and all of them

She and my momma had some differences between them

One morning I walk over

because I know she has a lesson coming

But when I get      there her front door it’s

wide / Open and I don’t hear no

music just a few

bad notes but not bad

like a child was learning them

I sat in the bushes anyway just waiting for a while

But I got bored you know the way

A boy gets bored it’s like he gets more

interested at the same time but in far off things

So I peek through the window

And then I see it her front room it’s all tore up

Some fool I guess

had robbed her / Busted her      things up busted her

piano too       / Just to be mean I guess my

Aunt she’s just sitting on the bench

staring at nothing

but she must have heard me      / Because she turns and smiles and she

starts to stand up      she leans      forward she takes her      / Hands

they was resting on the keyboard from the keyboard      / And grips the front edge of the bench

I watch her hands      but at the same time I see every part of her and every part of her

Looks bigger like I’m focused on it      / Like if you made a picture of a woman

From cut up pictures from a magazine

And nothing fits together      but it’s her but I don’t recognize her

And shit man I don’t know

what it was but I never will forget it shit my heart

Starts pounding and

I / All of a sudden I can’t      breathe and I

Run I run home I run so hard I throw up

Soon as I shut      the front door      right there / Got my ass      whipped for that

But not for running but for throwing up

I told my momma      everything and all she did was shake her head      / And you know

Mmm mmm mmm and What       / A shame and she went back to what she had been

Doing in the kitchen

How can nothing be the same if you don’t talk like nothing’s different

Anyway naw I never learned to play no banjo

In the movies I just

wiggled my fingers

and they laid the music over me