In Review

Best Books of 2013
Joshua Marie Wilkinson

image of red doc>

Anne Carson. red doc>. Knopf.

image of Collected Poems

Joseph Ceravolo. Collected Poems. Wesleyan University Press.

image of To Anacreon in Heaven & Other Poems

Graham Foust. To Anacreon in Heaven & Other Poems. Flood Editions.

image of Bough Down

Karen Green. Bough Down. Siglio Press.

image of Hemming the Water

Yona Harvey. Hemming the Water. Four Way Books.

image of Bravura Cool

Jane Lewty. Bravura Cool. 1913 Press.

image of Lake Superior

Lorine Niedecker. Lake Superior. Wave Books.

image of Portuguese

Brandon Shimoda. Portuguese. Tin House / Octopus Books.

image of Full Foreground

Roberto Tejada. Full Foreground. University of Arizona Press.

image of Here Come the Warm Jets

Alli Warren. Here Come the Warm Jets. City Lights Books.

image of Disorientations: Groundlings

Jay Wright. Disorientations: Groundlings. Flood Editions.

image of Debts & Lessons

Lynn Xu. Debts & Lessons. Omnidawn Publishing.

image of Collected Poems

Ron Padgett. Collected Poems. Coffee House Press.

image of Further Adventures in Monochrome

John Yau. Further Adventures in Monochrome. Copper Canyon Press.

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Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s recent and forthcoming books of poetry include Selenography (with Polaroids by Tim Rutili), Swamp Isthmus, The Courier’s Archive & Hymnal, and Meadow Slasher (all from Sidebrow Books and Black Ocean). He’s edited five anthologies, including The Force of What’s Possible (with Lily Hoang; Nightboat Books 2014) and Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre (University of Michigan Press 2015). He lives in Tucson, AZ, where he edits The Volta with Afton Wilky and runs Letter Machine Editions with Noah Eli Gordon.