In Review

Best Books of 2013
Caleb Beckwith

image of Recalculating

Charles Bernstein. Recalculating. University of Chicago Press.

image of Surge: Drafts 96 – 114

Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Surge: Drafts 96 – 114. Salt Publishing.

image of Pop Corpse

Lara Glenum. Pop Corpse. Action Books.

image of Sorry Was in the Woods

Michelle Taransky. Sorry Was in the Woods. Omnidawn Publishing.

image of Companion Grasses

Brian Teare. Companion Grasses. Omnidawn Publishing.

image of The Poetry of Jack Spicer

Daniel Katz. The Poetry of Jack Spicer. Edinburgh University Press.

image of Videotape

Andrew Zawacki. Videotape. Coutherpath Press.

image of Crystal Text

Craig Dworkin. Crystal Text. Compline.

image of brnt ghst vlnt

John Paetsch. brnt ghst vlnt. Gauss PDF.

image of Translucent Salamander

CAConrad. Translucent Salamander. Troll Thread.

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Caleb Beckwith lives in Philadelphia where he studies poetics at Temple University and holds the 2012-2013 Penn-Temple Poetics Fellowship. He also blogs for The Volta. Current projects include a poetic documentation of this year’s NBA season.