In Review

Best Books of 2014
Amy Lawless


Claudia Rankine. Citizen: An American Lyric. Graywolf Press.

Invisible Reveille

Carina Finn. Invisible Reveille. Coconut Books.

Death and Disaster Series

Lonely Christopher. Death and Disaster Series. Monk Books.


Mathias Svalina. Wastoid . Big Lucks.

Selected Poems

Paul Violi. Selected Poems. Ginko Press.


Rachel B. Glaser. Moods. Factory Hollow Press.

Want for Lion

Paige Taggart. Want for Lion. Trembling Pillow Press.

From the Standard Cyclopedia of Recipes

B.C. Edwards. From the Standard Cyclopedia of Recipes. Black Lawrence Press.


Ben Lerner. 10:04. Faber and Faber.


Mike Young. Sprezzatura. Publishing Genius Press.