Heir Apparent

Issue #45 April 2017

image of Amy Lawless and Chris Cheney

Amy Lawless and Chris Cheney | Let Me Be Laid

image of Ben Mirov

Ben Mirov | On Ghost Machines

image of Bin Ramke

Bin Ramke | Intricate Tissue

image of Cynthia Arrieu–King

Cynthia Arrieu–King | from The Betweens

image of Cedar Sigo

Cedar Sigo | Crescent

image of Dale Smith

Dale Smith | from Fall City

image of Fanny Howe

Fanny Howe | 1943

image of Stephen Ramsay image of Garrett Caples

Stephen Ramsay and Garrett Caples | INVENTORY OF THE CONTENTS OF BOB MARLEY’S BATHROOM: a multimedia dossier

image of HR Hegnauer

HR Hegnauer | Selections

image of Friederike Mayröcker image of JD Larson

Friederike Mayröcker (JD Larson, Translator) | from études

image of Joshua Edwards

Joshua Edwards

image of Jane Lewty


image of Katy Chrisler

Katy Chrisler

image of Khadijah Queen

Khadijah Queen | The Dream Act

image of Michael Earl Craig

Michael Earl Craig

image of Nikki-Lee Birdsey

Nikki–Lee Birdsey | Cette Terre Homicide (“This Land Homicide”)

image of Rae Armantrout

Rae Armantrout

image of Ronaldo V. Wilson

Ronaldo V. Wilson | from The Conservation of Mass: Stories