Heir Apparent (Issue #12: June 2013)


Line up relative recollections for the institution

of levitation. Holy water refracts light

near the speed of gravity. I know

a place where wind zips thrifted jackets

like a mother would it hushes

soot off the sill of a day

in a memory where it is always 

about to rain. Brother and sister to the same 

water breaking an innocence by storm.

The wind whispered under the thunder

of a passing freight train

on the stakes of crossing lines

Dad taught us to flatten

pennies, but he didn’t count on us

going alone. Together

without him he thought we knew

better than to. Retrace our tracks

to find the truth. Go alone

from hereon inwards on guard

when taken as the same you are more

noticeable. Warped by hands

a metal crying screen door double takes

shut. He signals up. Get

under the bed during a tornado

warning she is measured before guilts

open pores leak records of past results. Dependent

upon location a welt slows the kinetics of striking

bullets on a to-do list

kept to remember

as the not-to-do.

If he only knew it was

all he knew to

raise your hand like you know

the answer. His position shifts

with my eyes. I speak in tongues

belly down, a cotton mouth

descends a priori.