Heir Apparent (Issue #10: April 2013)

To the parquet

Treed in the apartment

House again a

Cowboy, a baby dog, and

An old dog all will go

Rabbits rain the door handle

Of ready the rope.

Station identification

Stayed in the stars all night

And soon Mike stopped

With the wagon born

Thanking the ant eater for Terry

Thanked Teddy for Terry’s

Sister and the tanked

Wall of the trick

Runs with rope.

That pleases policemen

High. her. here.

Less chatter, less sustained

Sustain. It is good to eat

A green tree and a dress.

Doctor wears a light on his

Head as Don’t cakes Mr.

Brown’s house. Air with

Aim now not now

Own over the radio and

Its tooth stations, its headache

Its telepathy pot hole sits

Bubbling up in front of the