Heir Apparent (Issue #10: April 2013)

In living sound

The children on

Green Street play

Together like vomit.

Like sits to sisters

Showing it to Daddy.

Pigs picnic in the

Sour arbors

These sow bells sour

Stomach the Sunday

Supper sours Pollyanna

Now the combinations

The dirt duty Ford.

A freeway of thumbnails

Rehearsal for nothing at

All. Beat up band saws

Hat bands, pork pies, pinecones

Pulled against stops

Shabbat pouring down.

Oatmealed even to another

Spot who likes to dance

And lick his ball.

The farmer said, “hello”

And mother said, “you

Can help gas

Helium children.”

Can’t cage the bounced

Boy, the brave man,

A Boy’s Boy, his brother’s

House too blue. The

Blast off, the two

Beast’s bike balloons,

Barns, and beds we

All wet.