Heir Apparent (Issue #10: April 2013)

Mother takes her nipple out of the little

Drawer next to the bed puts it

On mother waned around

The rubber nipple.

Bottle fine Ben weighed the

Dripping faucet we wheeled

Daddy trying Blake in his bedclothes.

Time to star Hap’s green tree.

Air freshen Billy goat

Fight the fish first

Under faucet under

Green tree however with the rubber

Nipple and the cake away.

Daddy face not a want phrase

Cappy took them lemon

Hijinx came out of her like

A bimbo window cardamom straw.

Thanked the high pole loop

Like she should know what she

Was doing stabbing the backs

Of all high tall officers

And beer dawn darts. In the kitchen

We are hungry for all things

And the sun fish oils the iron

Pot like a stand up

Mark for all ice tea.

Husband a tuna salad

Days dream about the

Head-On with the inconsolable

Tears her hair, her minute naps.

So fussy dowager. She headlights

Under the city.