Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Zachary Schomburg—Issue 64, April 2017)

Dara Wier
For the Air Dancer in Us All

image of For the Air Dancer in Us All

I see you coming from over the ocean and across the tall blue mountains,

you in your red tower with its six windows.

One window each for what you bring with you.

A past you’ve had and sometimes remember.

A many-parted song you carry with you.

All your friends and family you bring with you.

Animals you’ve known and loved.

All the many days and nights you’ve known.

And the days and nights you’re stepping into.

You’ve come back to life so many times no one can count the times

You’ve come back for more.

Your blue eyes glint for us, to tell us the future you bring us

you show us your smile.

You keep coming toward us while we wait for you. Now thank you.