Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Zachary Schomburg—Issue 64, April 2017)

Phil Cordelli

image of Future

That’s me in the corner

that’s me in the spotlight

smooshing another region

I’ve been having collapses

in the picture plane

the light is illuminating but oppressive

the flies come out of the kitchen

at an angle

a tint of rustsoak

honeyhead with breeches

poke at a tuned jawharp

finished on flat

totally taco

or ham


the tape strings out from

the spool losing legibility

gaining folds

that’s a well as well

at the center drawing from the splashy squids

undercut all mingle in cat

whose cat?


and mud on tooth

box of cardinal

not strictly outlined

only sometimes does the object correspond

the light and color in our form is shared

our discretion is a myth we share

with that little imp of history

we still draw with hands

there’s ones we eat

following the viewer

almost made a fist

a few fingers smashed

still bend