Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Zachary Schomburg—Issue 64, April 2017)

Jenny Zhang
in the summers I would become someone

image of I keep thinking there is an august


in the summers I would become someone

I wouldn’t have to try very hard

it would just happen

the tall grass and the short hairs

I wanted all my skin to touch another

ghosts came in

which is to say memories

why do seaside vacations remain forever

the dress with the buttons and the wet bottoms

how they carried me through the bluffs

and set me down next to an old mermaid

she was uglier than I had come to expect

it was terrifying to think I would get old

and all glamorous things would have to be diagnosed

I guess it was about eroticizing the American dream

wet hot sweaty summer and the freedom to show off

why did I have to be so lonely and easily disappointed

why did it all have to mean everything

why did I cry over anything

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was I ever born