Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (The Art of Losing—Issue 58, October 2015)

Famous Lost Manuscripts

Homer’s Margites; The Yongle Encyclopedia; The Lost Books of the Bible; Shakespeare’s Cardenio and Love’s Labour Won; Inventio Fortunata; Archimede’s On Sphere Making; Lord Byron’s memoirs; Sulpicius Alexander’s Historia; Cicero’s Consolatio; Thomas Carlyle’s original The French Revolution; Jane Austen’s Sanditon; Claudius de Arte Alea’s The Art of Chance; Ctesibius’s On Pneumatics; Herman Melville’s The Isle of the Cross; Gorgius’s On Non-Existence; Aristotle’s second book of Poetics and On the Pythagoreans; Emperor Augustus’s De Vita Sua; The Aztec and Mayan Codices; Arzhang’s The Holy Book of Manichaeaism; Thomas Hardy’s The Poor Man and the Lady; Verrius Flaccus’s Saturnus; James Joyce’s Stephen Hero; Protagoras’s On the Original State of Things; Gogol’s sequel to Dead Souls; Ernest Hemingway’s suitcase; Ovid’s Medea; Lucan’s Orpheus; Strabo’s History; Sylvia Plath’s Double Exposure; Pherecydes of Leros’s On the Festivals of Dionysus; Thales’s On the Solstice; TE Lawrence’s original Seven Pillars of Wisdom; Marquis de Sade’s unpublished manuscripts; Walter Benjamin’s suitcase; Arthur Rimbaud’s La Chasse spirituelle.