Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 57, September 2015)

Brandon Shimoda
from The Tucson Book, Volume One

for Phil Cordelli

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The Tucson Book is an ongoing collection of books made of paper street trash—handpicked, collated, spiral-bound, and mailed to the poet (and artist and farmer) Phil Cordelli. Volume One was compiled from trash found on the streets of Tucson, Arizona (2012). The pages included in this issue were scanned from the original by Phil (in Denver, Colorado). Phil is also one of Brandon Shimoda’s oldest and truest friends. They met in 5th grade, and have since played baseball, recorded music, lived, traveled, and written books together. They have published several volumes of poetry as The Pines, including The Pines Volume Four, Black Sabbath Volume Four and The Pines: Bubble. An excerpt from The Pines Volum8 appeared in Heir Apparent (February 2013).