Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 57, September 2015)

Schedule for Kahini Class

Friday 5-8

Look at Matias Viegener’s work

make/create lists, read some aloud. who am I/who are you?

list of things you both want and don’t want people to know—(include at least five, if possible)

random, not-so-random

physical, emotional, spiritual

place/no place/another place/a new place

Matias Viegener-style

outside for a quick walk

bring “things” back

make one more list including what was gathered on the walk

read aloud/discuss

If time:


imitation of Sappho—

channel her for 5-7 minutes

use of both Sappho’s lines and yours

Saturday 9:30-12:30

continue Sappho project if not done



then, Heraclitus plus imitation plus lines from your own lists

spend time w/books.

gather quotes and images (photographs, graphic novels).

walk? (to gather characters?)—walk through the Haight or GGP to gather characters

(or another part of the city)


read from Markson

spend time with books.

collect tidbits, fragments, factoids and ephemera

trade them like baseball cards (write them down so that they can be passed around—(I could provide some, many, and many images, too, and small empty pages to be made into a collage, or a larger page, etc.)

Anne Carson

more lists/exchange

produce something made of several different things.

add quotes

Everyone teaches something for three minutes. (words in a foreign language, joke, magic trick, dance, etc.)

Sunday 10-1

one more trick

Video ourselves reading/chanting/trading lists, trading parts of lists.

Dance it, sing it.

Beat out the rhythm of it (a list).


a song

a dance

a language lesson/another alphabet

(each day, several people teach one thing—that takes five minutes?)

How far can we go/stretch the/a narrative? What can we include? What are we leaving out?

Attention span?

Relationship to time?

To words?/language? Silence?

To each other?