Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Hiroshima-Nagasaki Feature—Issue 56, August 2015)

Roberto Tejada

Solid block a fracture surge that in past partial views could admit such beholding

Cascade that makes red the horizon to allow as though appearing at a single point

Lines to elongate the knell of proximity to the the x degree this encompassing source

Siren gnaw a human paste expanding long syllabic burn in buried billow crosshatch

Invasive sightline drawn as from eyes of the spellbound to commissioner statistic

Image ever present when ready to vanish in each expiring particle a stranger blood

Herein arrest the oily frequencies of rain adjusting our amplitudes figure igneous

Person intended in the gone so acknowledged as for the shape we sing and eviscerate

Pink constituent of matter from the underside in mosses prosper for all the missing

Inviolate place to hold the light a thousand suns bronze in script of a thousand one

Under action as fire with the power of the universe reverse in it a fraction of time

[after The Map (“Chizu”) by Kikuji Kawada]