Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (NSFW—Issue 45, September 2014)

(Soma)tic Poetry Ritual & Resulting Poem


—for Bradley Manning and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

And our lips are not our lips. But are the lips of heads of poets.

And should shout revolution.

—Jack Spicer

Let’s be honest about our culture and say that anyone who makes us remember we are naked animals under these clothes is dangerous. To remove the scandal of it would first require the total annihilation of every bureaucratic agency sending memos through our doors. It is 2012 and some of us have our boots holding back the Return To Modesty Campaign. The American homosexual in 2012 unapologetically celebrates surrendering to the dominant culture’s taste for marital equilibrium and WAR! A swift, unmitigated return to values acts like bookends many willingly throw themselves between. The opportunity to challenge these stifling, life-threatening institutions passes out of the conversation entirely in 2012.

Stupid faggots putting rainbow stickers on machine guns! I’m going to say it: GAY AND LESBIAN AMERICA HAS STOCKHOLM SYNDROME! The campaign to be included in the multi-billion dollar military industrial complex comes at a time when three children die of war-related injuries EVERY SINGLE DAY in Afghanistan. And after ten years of American occupation, Afghanistan has been deemed THE MOST DANGEROUS nation on our planet for women. No other place on Earth is worse for women than Afghanistan. How else can I repeat this so you hear it? America DESTROYS Afghan women and children! Did you hear it that time?

The genocide of thousands of gay men in Baghdad is a direct result of the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. The most famous homosexual apologist for fascism Dan Choi helped make this genocide possible while serving as an American soldier in Iraq. American gay rights are all that matter I guess? And the destruction of Iraqi gays is just another item on the list of collateral damage? WILL NOT SERVE! To be repeated, WILL NOT SERVE WILL NOT SERVE I WILL NOT SERVE! WILL NOT! Today I WILL LISTEN to only my voice for NOT serving this sanctioned, collective, and REAL evil.

In the morning I performed reiki on a long, thin piece of plastic tubing, reiki with intentions to BE conscious throughout the day of being queer. Queer. Only queer. Today I will NOT ALLOW anyone to change the subject when I talk about what it means to be queer. Today I will NOT ALLOW the liars to step in front of me. Today I will talk about the frustration of watching war go unquestioned by the homosexual community of America. Reiki. I did reiki for half an hour on this plastic tube, then lubricated every inch of it, then inserted it inside my penis. It was not for pleasure of pain, it was for a chronic reminder of HOW this culture inserts its will on my penis more and more each day. You may now be married under our rules. You may now engage in the murder of innocent lives by our rules. I had many strained, bizarre conversations this day, constantly FEELING the tube inside my penis while walking around Philadelphia, while walking around Occupy Philadelphia and talking about war, genocide and oil. The following poem is the result of this exercise, which was more painful in spirit than it was for the tube inside me.


melting glaciers

frighten me when

appearing on

my street as


a feeling I send

ahead of myself to one

day walk inside

people sleep while I inspect their


not as

weird as

you think

I dreamt gays were

allowed in the military

isn’t it great everyone said

what a nightmare I said

killing babies is less

threatening with a politically

correct militia

vices for the vice box


wards of the

forward state

who like different

things to kill alike

we CANNOT occupy Wall Street but

we CAN occupy Kabul

massage our

anger with a heart chakra green

blessings soaked into bed sheets

there’s a way of

looking into

time for a poem

send it into the future

your footprint has

grown small what is

wrong with your footing?

what kind of American

are you? just buy it or

steal it but shut up

this poem is terrific for

the economy

the rich have

always tasted

like chicken

I’m not a

cannibal because

they’re not

my kind

we CANNOT occupy Philadelphia but

we CAN occupy Baghdad

we’re the kind of poets

Plato exiled from the city limits

FUCK Plato that

paranoid faggot

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?


Don’t Kill and say whatever you WANT!!

for instance

when I adopt a cat

I will name him Genet

“Genet! GENET!” I practice

calling Genet


when you purchase

a car the factory’s

pollution is

100% free

it’s never easy

waking to this

bacteria and light

mucus and bone

a legacy of stardust

it is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit inside all


the freshly


their murderers

and the rest of

us between

my father lived to

see the fast-forward to

the cum shot




we CANNOT occupy Oakland but

the ghosts will occupy us

I will stay and

watch our

phoenix rise

I believe

in us