Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Trash, Issue 37, January 2014)

Lisa Cattrone
Beard-Lizzie Always uses ALLCAPS! as the Means of Production

“The trees were plucked like iron bars”

—Wallace Stevens

Fred always uses ALLCAPS! His or her general-large is a device of the jumbo.

When the wind moves, like through a beard, it swells the ratio of heavy breathing to all other forms and out

pops a multi-kinetic gold and dull gray pup of duplicity theory.

If strings were tied across a tuning fork, the eye of Lizzie would catch it like tines right behind the eye of


Behind every cloud-clown is a clown-cloud of reification, and so on (Lizzie strums her beard for effect,

because of who makes her.). The human image doesn’t command this, but the market does and Beard-Lizzie

is always one foot or two, arms distance really, in front of the market.

When Fred’s dimensions get JUMBO Fred writes JUMBO on everything, even a grain of rice. “All Freds

first.” He might well have said, and when the Freds copulate in the vicinity of sterile language, the hill-scholar

will have borne them a son, increasing revenue and facial hair.

If there’s one thing allcaps owns, it’s girls.

“YOU GOT OWNED!” They often call him just The Writer.

This is pastiche. That is pastiche. This is pastiche. That one is. This whole area is. Those two shadowy hills

are of each other.

I’VE GOT A TATTOO OF EVERY GIRL I EVER NAMED is Fred’s one and only tattoo. He meant to say LIZZIE

“gonna line up my bitches, pluck um like trees”

What you hear not even a dog can hear, thrice for sight. Either way, Beard-Lizzie cups the eyes drawn on the

palm of her hands over her ears like one of three monkeys.

You can’t fool Fred. He’s got OBEDIENCE written all over language.

Fred designs the jumbo late at night in his basement. Jumbo is not a commodity until he writes JUMBO on

it. Then he sits in his armchair that smells like dog and comes up with good prices for the morning sale in

relation to the growth of his hair.

The revelation-cuisine came with pancakes and crisp, sweaty bacon for only 99! ALLCAPS! Everybody sit

high on top of the encrypted mountain dilating chakras and cover your beards in the virgin negative.

You will make me a sandwich because I made you like nanny goats make cheese out of their expanding bellies

of psychic thought. Lizzie can suspend a sandwich right between her sets of eyes, the sets in the front and the

sets in the back.

Beard-Lizzie always uses ALLCAPS! Exclamation point! when she describes her meals or the curvature of

otherworldly landscapes, but don’t mistake this for sharing. This only holds the world in the location of her

choosing, the world that bends itself into Freds. Everything that grows out from her face is his production.