Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 28, April 2013—Erasure Issue)

from tidelands1


 cruz del ancla


 kaeri return

regresar a


 root ne



ni kaite oku


1 militarization and colonialism destroying the chamoru people of guam. these fangs dig deep. during and immediately after world war two, brown tree snakes invaded guam as stowaways on u.s. naval cargo ships. by 1968, the snakes colonized the entire island, their population reaching a density of 13,000 per square mile. as a result, guam’s seabirds, 10 of 13 endemic species of forest birds, 2 of 3 native mammals, and 6 of 10 native species of lizards have all gone extinct.

the u.s. plans to introduce–this time intentionally–a more familiar breed of predators to guam: