Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 27, March 2013)

a future ((tense))

This will not be not about who dwells there but about their manner of dwelling.

What we know will be less important than what we imagine to be the case.

The contents of the future will be less important than its shape and psychology.

I want to feel and have that knowing, otherwise best characterized as

 irruption of insight

 transitive hallucination

 stunted foretelling



what is not there; to be imagined;

 (bearing the traces of    a current ethos

what we seek to escape and are subsumed in; a hybrid animal; a human machine;

living interruption; in evanescence

(all lost memory

; perfectly static; perfect flowering; perfectly amoral;


Walk through the kaleidoscope, in actuality now a revolving door.



A familiar space. This that we move through, of a limbic variety.

A space for public hangings, now some derelicts, transformed into a “community garden” that produces daffodils along the wall.

A projected space, the shy dance of hand-drawn figures on a screen. Without longing.