Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 25, January 2013—Feminist Issue)
  1. I don’t understand dainty except when explained patiently.
  2. Today I’d give great sums for a beautiful mouth or the knowledge of scarf artistry and how to deploy beauty as a weapon or as currency, as I’ve seen it done.
  3. Because of how I was grown, I came to think women were either trimmed or untrimmed. Luminous vs. dim. Lush, flat. I'm of the latter, half-hearted and ham-fisted.
  4. I'm of the latter, but with something to tap into.
  5. If I write my body, what comes out is: ooohhh. Arch moon.
  6. My mouths don't speak the same language.
  7. In conclusion, beauty is a desired illusion, performance. It lives just outside my reach, the bizarre type.
  8. I want to stage a coup, mostly an aesthetic one borne out of my coarse tie to concept and my tender marriage to language.
  9. I walk beneath your pens, and am not what I truly am, but what you'd prefer to imagine me.
  10. I’ll write screeds, manifestos and epilogues on the merits of female domination.
  11. I would like to act in resistance to the classist assumptions of post-feminism. I would like to write about gender folded into race and class folded into gender too.
  12. This coup will bring back the little bit didactic, the little bit ham-fisted because it’ll be good for us.
  13. This coup will be a collaboration of squabbling and seeing into the shared past to construct the shared future. I aestheticize all my struggles: complicated and as close to art, capital A as I can do.