Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 25, January 2013—Feminist Issue)
  1. This anger requires that I adapt the tenets of my feminist aspiration. Saving the world for decaying female bodies, for example.
  2. Anyone can enter my work because it’s about viscera, and I’ve got wounds into it and they’re little windows into the workings of me.
  3. The reveal: the abject pleasure of this abject mind.
  4. I write a poem in which I reveal my true feelings. The body is the engine and the brain is the hindrance.
  5. I silence the brain with language play. I also break down the sentence, accommodate my ample ass in it, neutralize the modification with it.
  6. To write a poem, I mustn’t be wearing a bra.
  7. I’m debased, but not that low. I’m just more animal than machine, more heart than head.
  8. I’m a worm with bones and a sophisticated sensing organ. I’m guts in a vise.
  9. Scars are a radical exposition. I’m provoked by the way scars encroach the body. I am working on a catalog of my scars.
  10. Confessional implies shame, whereas a scar is the trace of violence and it’s always connected to a narrative about the body and it is more than confession, perhaps emblem.
  11. I kneel at confession and my knees bear the trace of my abasement, where the action is.
  12. I’m a sophisticated sensing organ with stigmatized segments. That’s my baser profile.
  13. I don’t pretend that I write solely because of beauty.