Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 24, December 2012—Trans / Queer Issue)


she was as basic as milk

she was milk

  milk and steel

three fingers pushed

a crescent moon inside her

she saw herself in the face

in the face

she saw her self

droplets of steel from my nipples when

she left

steel dripped from her nipples after me

she drowned herself

in the silver flood

she took herself

floating away

she was as basic as milk

she could not stand the heat

she was the lilt of ancient hills

she took her whole time

she told me to keep her


she covered me like trees

she made a home in her mouth

for my name

keep it there we would say

she had a stark blue vein

i tracked its pulse

she typed as we talked

she left me to smoke

she was milk inside

she promised steel

she meant scaffolding

she was good at leaving

she made good on more threats than

she made