Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 24, December 2012—Trans / Queer Issue)

Correspondance (l3, o3)  vs. Interrogation, M. Lao: Version C

eventually money get smart-smart Da fust thym,

useful.  remembering she impatient feet, eye

o swore   e’s 1 who’s shew   she dumping watermelon bowl gutter

eye eee: gutter became guttah

eye eee:   she dumping bekah she dumpee

eye eee:   watermelon bowl becah

watahmella bawl she petition fruit and night

eazee? she my back sob thunder

 n e kallah and basket full of question

what history here   n yr werds she full-fledged human being, she wide feet, she charming

little mouse, she girl whose shadow never resting.

come to visit e kallah

  we's responda

but she a door tagether suchee as/eye eee:

i do not want  memmbuh she-

maddah impashunt feeet, i n she-maddah dumpee

to ask  dis boi de bodee


Whispers each one of you, you sometimes follows, covered dusk backs. Remnants — sudden red scarf, face turned front. Green Cap all back, monotone shirt. None of you, you could identify them (Green Cap, Ponytail, Gray Streak, Shorty, Surly) even if you want to. You careful, you all each every one of you. Face edge of border, Central Economic Zone and Gray Zones, new over already, broke-scattered you.