Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 24, December 2012—Trans / Queer Issue)

Correspondance (l2, o2)  vs. Interrogation, M. Lao: Version B

  Man who bore me not wanting me either.

eventually the money came   this book of boysLearning body when he absent. Every night

fleeing me into cold room museum. this boi a book

useful.  Man not teach me my origins. Love someone not

interesting in bodies.dis boy a book

when o saw me  Every night, chasing through stink street and feeling stomach.

he swore what girl be boyMan a heavy room. Last night, pelting walls, filling liquor

glass, shaking head all the time.

 b de boy-book I pinning myself on floor.

 dees boi b book His arms breaking ice-floor. Omelet days-old fruit I peeling

night.    dis escorts are bois

you doing here no matta yr oregen

come to visit iii’s show me yr mouth  Child born sharing our faces

he no talking to me. Blaming me my disobedient body. bois chuse yr bodee

but he not laugh wee mouth chuse yr book

 before iii's mah bodee liknaI not want child go


each door has eyes  iii n i-me be book d'escorts  Leading child through taxis rooms

not mine. Searching for body, selling to house and corridor.

Army of painkiller, army of producing memory.


There you, move in, out the strobelight and the street. There between 10th and the next. There in dusk, in trail, in leaving, in non-state-regulated remnants. Relatives behind move farther and farther.