Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 20, August 2012)

As apocalypse revelation of the canceled body, pornography alternately becomes a tactic for undermining those same hierarchies and machines, introducing inassimilable bodies and pleasures into orders of invisibility and surveillance. Disabling self-enclosed delusions of sovereignty, porn prophylactic against the soldier’s hygiene disturbs the very divisions it erects, potentiating new bodies that render the old corrupt. A bleeding guy in uniform wounded boy in an Afghan village fallen guarantor of America’s future: these images arouse me. They touch my nerves and stir my senses before the affects they stimulate excitement rage shame can be properly channeled. Whatever these feelings, I want them to exceed my frame to arrive at a large and public intimacy as the intimate and abstract persist in and thru each other. And so, while porn could be any order of representation sex, war, money whereby our most sensual relations are mediated, organized and policed by technologies of the image distillations of capital laminated to my skin entangling my most personal relations with the most impersonal processes, porn has an equal and opposite potential to challenge, disturb, and transform these fragile organizations of visibility.