NathanaĆ«l | The tautological fury of a disconsolate mind (3) »

claim, pronominally predisposed. To make explicit the naming of this philosophy is to uncover the means of sexuation, to cast the face first as shadow, without consideration of the sun: to name, in other words to claim, the vigil by which the name becomes unpronounceable, in the forecasted death. Forecast in the present: capitulative copulative. Unpronounceable not for reasons of sacrality but of juridical furore: the prouncement of a name is the pronouncement of a verdict, whose etymological substrata conjoin speaking to truth, yielding a veracity to nomination which naming ought to disallow. Such that a further dislocative reading of the truncated extract might train the disadvantaged eye to grant philosophy its name, here (ici), in this place implanting unwarranted generosity in the concurrent formulation. Collapsed away from habitual modes of intelligibility, the here may yet come to supplant the naming of philosophy altogether, such that the injunction to name dispossesses the namer of this force by furnishing the name to come: name philosophy here, give philosophy this name: here, ici, and, implicit in the imperative: now. The command bestows a power that is incontrovertibly subdued, and the addressee of this speaking, the feigned maker of verdict, is rendered summarily speechless and placeless, thus, perhaps, without a possible philosophy at present, without a

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