Nathanaël | The tautological fury of a disconsolate mind (2) »

broke into my peering thus : nomme ici la philosophie. Name philosophy. Name it explicitly, to borrow from Wills’ lexicon. Execute this act. As though the act of nomination were not in itself a violation of thought, a miscasting comprised of indefensible extrusions. Of murder, say it, murder. An injunction is also an enjoinder, its first demand is on, is of, is to : the present. Its principle subjugation is temporal. In principle, it summons time. Name philosophy : now. Nomination, which places one, ipso facto, in a critical state of abeyance or deferral in relation to naming itself, rends the very moment of naming, in a present convoked for the purposes of its undertaking, effectively tearing the mouth on the coordinates of (its) speaking. The appeal to tense is an avowal of syntactical misconduct, visited upon the sentence as it is unwritten in misreading, making demonstrable a mind’s mis-take before the law of the letter. The imperative supplants the present indicative, disgorging the grammatical underparts, such that the disclosure of meaning is a disclosure first of the imposture of meaning; an underhanded verdict, as it were, the sexe hidden, exposed, its hiddenness exposed. The nominative injunction is foremost a possessive

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