Evening Will Come

Issue 46 | October 2014

The Force of What’s Possible, Part I

image of Joshua Marie Wilkinson image of Lily Hoang

Introduction to The Force of What’s Possible Issue

image of Samuel Ace

Samuel Ace | What I want to say today

image of Kazim Ali

Kazim Ali | Pythagorean Poetics

image of Rachel Gontijo Araujo

Rachel Gontijo Araujo | Mechanism of Erect Posture

image of Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram | …we’re gonna not discuss it…we’re just gonna look at each other and say yeah

image of Tamiko Beyer

Tamiko Beyer | To fail and to trust. Writing into queer :: eco :: poetics

image of Julia Bloch

Julia Bloch | Lyric Resemblance

image of CM Burroughs

CM Burroughs | Body as a Juncture of Almost

image of Brent Cunningham

Brent Cunningham | Notes on Accessibility

image of Brandon Downing

Brandon Downing | Untitled

image of Patrick James Dunagan

Patrick James Dunagan | What’s Poetry For, Anyways?

image of John Gallaher

John Gallaher | Social Art Goes to All the Best Parties

image of Lucy Ives

Lucy Ives | The Future of Progress

image of Douglas A. Martin

Douglas A. Martin | Playing Field

image of J. Michael Martinez

J. Michael Martinez | Our Humanity Is Not Prior to What it creates: A PROLEGAMENA in chrestomathies

image of Kristi Maxwell

Kristi Maxwell | Untitled

image of Shane McCrae

Shane McCrae | I Talked to Meet It: On Accessibility

image of Lisa Olstein

Lisa Olstein | I HATE PANDORA