Evening Will Come

Issue 45 | September 2014


image of Lara Glenum

Note from Lara Glenum: An Introduction to the NSFW Issue

image of Douglas Kearney


image of CAConrad

CAConrad | (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual & Resulting Poem

image of Sara Tuss Efrik & Mark Efrik Hammarberg

Sara Tuss Efrik & Mark Efrik Hammarberg | Persona Peep Show

image of Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang | why did I why did I why did I why did I why did I

image of Ronaldo V. Wilson

Ronaldo V. Wilson | The After Party

image of Kim Vodicka

Kim Vodicka | 3 Poems & Collage

image of Lonely Christopher

Lonely Christopher | The Emperor, He Had Total Control

image of Lucas de Lima

Lucas de Lima | from pinto (“chick” and slang for “penis” in portuguese)

image of Kate Durbin

Kate Durbin | Anna Nicole Clown Mouth Video

image of Ji yoon Lee

Ji yoon Lee | NSFW

image of Dodie Bellamy

Dodie Bellamy | Regard Her Tits

image of Carina Finn image of Stephanie Berger

Carina Finn & Stephanie Berger | A French Cock

image of Leon Baham

Leon Baham | from PAEGU

image of Feng Sun Chen

Feng Sun Chen | 5 poems

image of Rauan Klassnik

Rauan Klassnik | 3 Images
“—& Tell Me NOW That U Love Me, Gd Damn It!!—”

image of Wayne Koestenbaum

Wayne Koestenbaum | Buttfucking With Hieroglyphs

image of Arielle Greenberg

Arielle Greenberg | Two Pastorals

image of Steve Roggenbuck

Steve Roggenbuck | I Really Want Horses To Kill Me

image of Felix Bernstein image of Trisha Low

Felix Bernstein & Trisha Low | Felix’s Shit Talk, featuring Trisha Low

image of Purdey Lord Kreiden

Purdey Lord Kreiden | “Congressnight 313 Reports” & from My Hoof

image of Andrew Durbin

Andrew Durbin | Lil Emoji

image of Dawn Lundy Martin

Dawn Lundy Martin | Queer Humiliations

image of Johannes Göransson

Johannes Göransson | Sugar Book Excerpts

image of Adam Atkinson

Adam Atkinson | Five Erasures of Pages from Novels That Are Titled The Case of the Starlit Faggots

image of Monica McClure

Monica McClure | Screen Grab

image of Penny Goring

Penny Goring | EVOL SSIK x

image of Ben Fama

Ben Fama | HUNNO

image of Melissa Broder

Melissa Broder | Birth Curtain & Skin History

image of Farid Matuk

Farid Matuk | Happiness

image of TC Tolbert

TC Tolbert | Untitled