Evening Will Come

Issue 28 | April 2013

Erasure Issue

image of Cristiana Baik

Cristiana Baik | Introduction To The Issue

image of Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin | A recipe (from Fortunes in Formulas for Home, Farm, and Workshop)

image of Truong Tran

Truong Tran | Points on the process of self erasing

image of Solmaz Sharif

Solmaz Sharif | The Near Transitive Properties of the Political and Poetical: Erasure

image of Andy Fitch & Amaranth Borsuk

Andy Fitch & Amaranth Borsuk | As We Know

image of derek beaulieu

derek beaulieu | Compose the Holes

image of Craig Santos Perez

Craig Santos Perez | from

image of Laura Wetherington

Laura Wetherington | On Translation & Erasure

image of Jennifer Chang

Jennifer Chang | On Forgetting and Other Natural Erasures