Evening Will Come

Issue 62 | March 2016

Expanded Poetics Feature

image of Nathan Brown

Introduction by Nathan Brown

image of Jessica Bebenek

Jessica Bebenek | k2tog (An Examination of Women, Word, and Structure)

image of Adam Dickinson

Adam Dickinson | Three Pieces

image of Jessica Dolan

Jessica Dolan | Script Mall

image of Nicole Raziya Fong

Nicole Raziya Fong | 物の哀れ

image of Kaie Kellough

Kaie Kellough | Two Sound Recordings

image of Natascha Simard

Natascha Simard | Binder

image of Evan Calder Williams

Evan Calder Williams | T-1, 2

image of Alexi Kukuljevic

Alexi Kukuljevic | A Few Motifs Concerning the Hard Nut of the Artist Kukuljevic’s Practice

image of Robert A. Regier

Robert A. Regier | Remanipulationz of “Logik” and “Zenze”:
Taking It Dovvn to the Letter via Rammellzee’z Alphabetik Fizzion

image of a rawlings image of Marjana Krajač

a rawlings & Marjana Krajač | si tu

image of I, Daughter Of Kong Center For Research

I, Daughter Of Kong Center For Research | I, Daughter, Circle (fragment)

image of Alan Avorgbedor

Alan Avorgbedor | Pirate d’amour

image of Tanzeen R. Doha image of Iftekhar Jamil

Tanzeen R. Doha & Iftekhar Jamil | Deadly Milestone

image of Rachel O’Reilly

Rachel O’Reilly | The Gas Imaginary