Evening Will Come: Bio
image of Ed Miller

Ed loves to create his artwork with just about anything: pencil, markers, chalk, or paint. He loves to paint waterfront scenes and portraits of people or animals. Ed has painted his two pet dachshunds, Scooter and Smidget. With all of his subjects, Ed says “the pictures are in the back of my mind, and I just draw.”

image of Mary Haren

After many years as an employee of both the Cohen-Joliet and Whipple Dale workshops, doing a variety of jobs and crafts, Mary now works full time as an artist at the Just Imagine Gift Gallery in downtown Canton. Mary’s favorite activities include painting, dancing, singing, and watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. She also enjoys visiting with friends at the Just Imagine Gift Gallery during the Canton Arts District’s First Fridays.

image of Shelby Rastle

Shelby is very friendly and outgoing. She enjoys helping out. She also likes teasing and having fun with her friends. She’s hard-working and hates to miss work. She likes expressing herself with her art.

image of Brittany Griffith

Brittany loves going to the movies, going out to eat, and going shopping. She has a boyfriend and would like to get married someday. She also would like to learn how to drive a car. Someday she wants to meet Tim McGraw. She loves doing art, especially painting the bowling balls. Brittany truly loves her family and wants people to know she is a nice person.

image of Lori Kimmas

Lori loves doing new things. She has learned so many new techniques involving art. She loves expressing herself creatively. She enjoys seeing her friends. She works at the art studio in downtown Canton called Just Imagine, which is part of the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

image of Richard Brezinski

Richard worked in the seniors area at the Whipple-Dale Centre. He had not done any art prior to coming to Stark County, but he loves it! When not at work, Richard likes to eat out, especially at Old County Buffet.

image of Scott Simler

To Scott, drawing and painting is fun. He has a talent for producing beautifully detailed artwork. Scott has sold four paintings, including one at the TWi Kimono Exhibit in April. He also won the first Great Pumpkin Race logo contest in October of 2009. At that First Friday event in downtown Canton, he enjoyed hanging out with the other local artists.

image of Phyllis McDougal

Phyllis likes to create and handle different ceramics. She works on the glazing and firing of them as well as cleaning them. When she is not at work, she likes to watch television and listen to 60’s music. Phyllis also likes to go shopping at Sam’s Club and Fishers with her mother.

Priscilla likes to paint vases and bowls. She also enjoys coloring. When she is not working on her art, Priscilla likes to sit and rest at home. She loves watching cowboy movies and spending time with her brother and sister.

image of Kirstin Russo

Kirsten would like you to know that she is a talented, energetic, neat, and creative person. She loves her pals, loves art, wants to learn more stuff and maybe go to college. She enjoys going out to eat; her favorite movie is “White House Down”. She loves bowling and fishing. Kirsten loves her family and doesn’t know what she would do without them. She plans on having a boyfriend someday.